Disability Representatives - You can’t work because of your health. You don’t know how you’re going to pay your bills. You applied for disability benefits through Social Security but they claim that you don’t qualify, and you don’t understand why. You need answers.

You need BTS Group, Inc.

At BTS Group, Inc., caring professionals will put their knowledge to work for you. Founded and operated by former Social Security staff and employees, BTS Group, Inc. has the expertise needed to assist individuals, companies, organizations, medical providers, and government agencies. All of our non-attorney disability representatives have extensive experience evaluating and processing Social Security disability claims and appeals. They have passed the rigorous Social Security testing requirements to become eligible for direct payment of fees for successfully representing claimants. We know when to call, where to call, and what to ask. The professionals at BTS Group, Inc. know “the system” and we care about you. We are ready to help you fight to get the Social Security disability benefits you rightfully deserve. on-wheelchairThere are volumes of Social Security disability rules, regulations, and operating instructions. Complicated technical, medical, and vocational issues make this process extremely complex and confusing for the average person. It can be frustrating and overwhelming to deal with this as an individual, particularly at a time when you are burdened with major health concerns. At BTS Group, Inc., we believe in the team approach to successfully manage and win your case. Our professional staff is comprised of former federal and state employees working together, using their knowledge to help individuals obtain needed disability benefits. We know what is required and aggressively seek to develop the information necessary to secure your benefits. We maintain an excellent working relationship with all related government agencies, including Administrative Law Judges. We strive to be responsive to your questions and concerns with someone available to talk with you personally every step of the way. We will review your claim and provide honest, accurate information about the disability program and its criterion so you can make informed decisions about these matters so important in your life. If you are new to our website, we have a lot of valuable information for your review. We suggest you start with disability tips. Studies indicate having a knowledgeable representative working on your disability claim greatly increases the likelihood of approval. Because our team knows virtually every aspect of this program and cares about your circumstances, we believe we provide the highest quality representation available. Help is just a phone call away! Call now for a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you in your quest for disability benefits.



Dear Mr. Ron Ladd I have trouble writing or printing because of my arthritis. But, I wanted to write you a note thanking you and your company for all you have done to help me get my Social Security. I will always be grateful to you and your company. Especially Kim Armel. she has been there every time I called. If she wasn’t, she always returned my calls. She always told me not to worry and everything was going to turn out fine, and she was right. I really hope that ALL of the employees are at… Read more
Sincerely, HarryWhitney, TX